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 Who needs in-a-pinch reading glasses?
With age, your eyes lose the ability to focus sharply on close objects. This is due to a thickening of the lens, which occurs throughout one’s life. At approximately age forty, the muscles in the eye can no longer adjust to the shape of the now thick lens when viewing objects up close. This is a condition known as presbyopia. in-a-pinch reading glasses help strained eyes caused by Presbyopia by magnifying images so the eyes can focus on nearby objects.
The solution is simple and economical with in-a-pinch reading glasses. Our patented  in-a-pinch reading glasses enlarge images so the eyes can focus on the objects up close.
Optical Quality Lenses

Distortion-free lenses reduce eye strain by magnifying images to allow your eyes to focus on nearby objects. In sum, if you need to hold objects at an arm’s length - or longer - to see clearly, you may need in-a-pinch reading glasses. 
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